By Jas

Book Your Flowers Early

Flowers come from many places such as South America, Holland, Colombia, all over the world, so it is very hard to contact farms across the world and have flowers arrive within one or two weeks. Book a florist as early as you can to make sure they are available ahead of your wedding week and to give them enough time to line everything up. Your flowers will be cheaper if you can give us the time that we need to order and source them from the best suppliers.

Don’t Overlook The Extras

The extras are those finishing touches such as fresh rose petals for your confetti shower or scattered up either side of the aisle, a bouquet to throw as you may not wish to throw your own bridal bouquet, candles to set the scene and create an atmosphere. What’s underneath a centrepiece can be as important as the arrangement itself. Linens don’t just complement the look of your centrepieces; they complete them. From runners to underlays and overlays, the right ‘undergarments’ can make flowers flourish on a table.

Flowers Aren’t Just Bouquets And Centrepieces

Sure, that’s what you think of when you think wedding flowers, but there are other arrangements to consider too. All eyes will be on the altar when you say, “I do,” so use flowers to frame the two of you. These amazing arrangements will be included in lots of the important photos, like your walk up and down the aisle and your first kiss.

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